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Who is Bill Mitchell?



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Kurt Bilinski has a hobby of building interesting cars. He also documents the process with an interesting book and on his web site. There is a great deal of practical information on building cars in a garage. He is a user of WinGeo3.

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Bill Mitchell is a common name in American motorsports, which is why I go by Wm. C. Mitchell. Here are some of the "Bill Mitchell's" in racing:

Bill Mitchell - General Motors designer from the 50's and 60's. The "Bill Mitchell bridge" at Road America is named for this gentleman.


Bill Mitchell - Cheshire, Connecticut engineer who designs and builds parts for late model Camaros and Mustangs. In reality he is also William C. Mitchell


Bill Mitchell Racing Products - sells drag racing parts through TheEngineShop.


Bill Mitchell - occasionally writes for racing publications. This is the same as the software writer.

General Billy Mitchell - pioneer in military aviation before World War II. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin, airport is named for this Bill Mitchell.


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